Church History

Bunn Chapel Baptist Church was established in the year of 1913 under the visionary leadership of the first Deacons of the church family, Deacons Charlie Rogers, Harry Robinson and Henry Satterwhite, Sr.  The first building was a one room house near the village of Bunn on the back of the lots that were donated by the North State Development Company and the Montgomery Lumber company during the clearing of land for further development of the town of Bunn. 

After World War II, in 1946, the church and the community came together to erect a new building. The building was built around the existing church, allowing the continuation of services while the project struggle to reach completion due to limited availability of funds and supplies.  The building  was completed in 1951.  The cornerstone of the church reads “Rebuilt September 11, 1951, Rev. William Coppedge, Pastor. 

In 1977 the Fellowship Hall was added and in 1991 the sanctuary was updated with new carpet and new pews. In 2005, the adjacent lot was purchased for additional parking and future growth and expansion.  

The first appointed pastor and leader of The Bunn Chapel Baptist Church family was the Rev. J.M (Jim) Chavis. Pastors that followed were the Rev. Willie D. Evans, Rev. Jones, Rev. P.E. Green, Rev. R.W. Underwood, Rev. William Coppedge, Rev. Clevester Harris, Rev. Elijah Jefferson, after which the Rev. Clarence LeMay served for one year as interim pastor until Rev. Samuel L. Tunstall of Youngsville accepted the call to pastor. Rev. Tunstall served for eight years. After his resignation in February, 1995, Rev. Michael Richardson consented to serve as pastor on an interim basis for six months. On April 21, 1996, Rev. Michael Richardson was installed as pastor for Bunn Chapel Missionary Baptist Church and he continues to serve and lead today. In 2010, Rev. Alexander Liston joined as associate minister. 

Our past Deacons who so faithfully served during Bunn Chapel’s history were, Charlie Rogers, Harry Robinson, Henry M Satterwhite, Sr, John Dunston, John High, John Jeffereys, Bennie Harris, Dudley High, Otis Pulley, Phillip Dunston, and Deacon Henry M. Satterwhite, Jr.  Serving as Deacons today are Stanley Baker (Chairman) and George Lassiter, Sr.

There have been two ministers called to preach the gospel of Christ who were licensed by Bunn Chapel. First was Rev. Van Buren Tabron and secondly was Rev. Stanley Dunston the son of the late Deacon Phillip and Sister Ernestine Dunston.  Rev. Dunston is currently the pastor of the Allen Chapel Baptist Church of Louisburg.

For many years the church only held services on 2nd Sundays. Later a 4th Sunday service was added and in 2002 a 3rd Sunday service and in 2004 the church began an early morning service on 1st Sundays.

Over the years, the Church has organized and participated in many different church activities, organizations and programs. At present the Church has three choirs, a senior choir, an adult choir, a male chorus, an usher board, a women’s ministry, a men’s ministry, a youth ministry and is presently a member of the Franklin County Missionary Baptist Association. In the past the church has been a member of the Reedy Creek Missionary Baptist Association, has supported the Franklin County Woman’s Baptist Home and Foreign Missions Union, the Sunday School & B.T.U. Convention of North Carolina, the Central Children’s Home of Oxford, NC, and the Shoe Box Ministry.  Just to name a few.

Bunn Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, a hundred plus years of serving and praising God, We’ve come this far by faith, leaning on the LORD , trusting in HIS Holy Word, He’s never failed us yet.”

We continue to “PRESS TOWARD THE MARK”